The Customer warrants that any person acting as a representative of your  company  has  the  capacity  to  accept  specific  terms  of engagement of this agreement and that Alternativa Producciones SL, understands it this way.
  1. WAYS  OF  PAYMENT. Payment  can  be  made  with  cash,  bank transfer or certified check. Customers who do not have account with Alternativa must pay cash to the acceptance of the quotation and the material must be accompanied by an assistant or we can request a deposit up to the 100% of the market value materials.
  2. CANCELATIONS.The  options for  bookings  must  be confirmed  or canceled  at  least  48  hours  prior  to  the  date  of  production. Reservations  that  do  not  meet  these  conditions  will  be  avoid. Confirmed  options  that  are  canceled  in  less  than  48  hours  will  be charged 50%, and if its less than 24 hours the charge will be of the 100%.
  3. PERIOD OF HIRE. The minimum rental period is for one day. The hours of picking up the materials or deliver them will be 9-10 h. and 17:30 to 18:30 h. Monday to Friday (other times available). The rent materials that exceed the stipulated period of hire, will have a charge per day.
  4. RESPONSABILITY.The  material  will be  reviewed  at  the  exit  and entry by the customer and by Alternativa. It will be checked that all of the materials listed are in perfect conditions, in case of any problema it must be notified in that moment and reflected in the delivery note. Once the equipment rented leaves Alternativa will be responsibility of the customer. In case of loss, theft or negligence, the client will be responsible  for  paying  the  100%  to  Alternativa  according  to  the market  value  of  the  materials  and  the  costs  of  lost  rents  until  we receive the new material. In case of break or damage, the customer shall  pay  to  Alternativa  the  repairing  costs  and  rental  costs  of  the material being out of service. If the material cannot be repaired, the client  will  be  responsible  for  paying  the  100%  of  the  materials  to Alternativa  according  to  the  market  value.  Alternative  is  not responsible for any failures caused by improper or incorrect use of the equipment as well as direct or indirect damage resulting from it. In case of failure material not resulting from impropero or incorrect use, Alternativa wiil attempt to solve the problem in the shortest possible time  assuming  the  cost  of  replacing  the  equipment, but  not  the resulting costs from the failure. To cover any unforeseen we suggest hiring a production insurance.
  5. ASSITANTS. The working day of the assistant is 10 h. including a lunch break. Meals and overtime are not included.